Suva Extreme Challenge 2018

            Suva Extreme Challenge is a unique sporting event held in September, in Niska Banja. It gathers athletes, mountain runners, sports enthusiast as well as everyone who loves outdoor sports, giving them a chance to enjoy nature and experience Suva Mountain in a special way.

Depending on their competence, the cyclist wil be able to participate in one of the following races:

For those who are better prepared there is a real challenge on the 55km long course with a 2400 m climbing course. For everyone else who would like to try MTB out for the first time, as well as younger participants and recreational cyclists, there is a 24 km long course with a 1080 m climbing.

The race starts in Niska Banja; going across The Black Rock peak and Bojana’s Waters it leads to the Veta Monastery, then through Donja Studena and Koritnik back to Niska Banja.

For those who opt for running, we have prepared a 15km long trail with 800m climbing.

Whichever sport you choose, attractive singletracks with uphill and downhill technical sections, superb views reaching miles in distance, the picturesque areas of Suva Mountain, exciting trails and good fun are what you can expect. See you!



Location:  Niška banja

Date:   02.09.2018.



Suva Trail

gpx track Suva Trail


MTB marathon Suva Extreme Challenge

gpx track MTB marathon Suva Extreme Challenge